Our Mission


Breathing in Missions. Breathing out Masterpieces.

What does it mean to be a Catholic digital business? We believe that being a Catholic digital business means that any person or organization whose mission embodies the love of Christ deserves a platform to be heard. It means that we do not work with “clients.” We work with children of God.

We believe that missions come before money. We trust that God will provide, and we will try our hardest not to turn away a person or organization whose mission we believe in. We are aware that many Catholic digital businesses are often not quite Catholic, are decades behind today’s technology, or are too business-oriented to serve the missions of their partners. As our patron, Blessed Carlo Acutis, would say, “Not me, but God.”

CEO of Catholics for Hire, Will Deatherage, meeting Blessed Carlo’s mother, Antonia Acutis

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