What does it mean to be a Catholic digital business? We believe that being a Catholic digital business means that any person or organization whose mission embodies the love of Christ deserves a platform to be heard. It means that we do not work with “clients.” We work with children of God.

We believe that being a Catholic digital business means that every one of our freelancers deserves mentorship, and our wide range of skill levels enables us to keep quality high and prices appropriate.

Similarly, we believe that being a Catholic business means that missions come before money. We trust that God will provide, and we will try our hardest not to turn away a person or organization whose mission we believe in.

We are aware that many Catholic digital businesses are often not quite Catholic, are decades behind today’s technology, or are too business-oriented to serve the missions of their partners. By employing and mentoring college-age students who are devout in faith and savvy in skill, we have found a remarkable balance so we can truly embody what it means to be a Catholic digital business. As our patron, Blessed Carlo Acutis, would say, “Not me, but God.”


Will Deatherage, CEO

Team member image. Will Deatherage.

Will Deatherage started Catholics for Hire LLC for two reasons: to provide Catholic and Catholic-friendly organizations with affordable and high-quality digital design and foster the digital marketing talents of young Catholics from across the country. He graduated from The Catholic University of America in 2022 with his M.A. in Historical-Systematic Theology. He is also the Executive Director of Clarifying Catholicism, a blog that publishes essays about theology written by young Catholics.

Alexa Harbor

Director of Project Management, Lead Web Designer

Team member image. Alexa Harbor

Alexa possesses a diverse and extensive skill set, specializing in video editing, graphic design, social media management, web design, and the orchestration of online learning management systems (LMS). Her professional background is anchored in business, marketing, and management. In addition to her roles within Catholics for Hire, Alexa serves as the Executive Director of a non-profit organization based in Wisconsin. Alexa has also spearheaded and provided leadership to several ministries and non-profit entities and has assisted as a member of various organization’s Board of Directors.

Alexa’s path is characterized by a profound commitment to service and faith-based initiatives, marked by her time in religious formation, leading the Totus Tuus program for the Diocese of Green Bay, WI, and dedicating two years to missionary endeavors and servant leadership with SPIRITUS Ministries. Additionally, Alexa demonstrates a deep passion for ethical animal care through her involvement in dog breeding, a venture that marries her love for animals with her entrepreneurial acumen. Further insights into this aspect of her work can be found at havendoods.com, showcasing her dedication to responsible and loving animal stewardship.

Mandy Elliott


Team member image. Mandy Elliot.

Mandy Elliott graduated from the school of Art & Design at the University of Illinois and since then has sought to create beauty through photography, graphic design, and art education. Outside of work, Mandy enjoys a good cup of coffee and being a mama to her four spirited & fun children, trying to instill a love of Jesus & our beautiful faith within the confines of her home.

Mary Ryan


Team member image. Mary Ryan.

Mary Ryan has worked in web design and writing since 2017 and enjoys working with clients and designers in the creative process of building beautiful websites and other media for God’s glory. Mary is a graduate student of Theology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville. She has interned with FOCUS and formerly served as Executive Producer of Clarifying Catholicism. She competed her B.A. in Music at The Catholic University of America in 2021 and cantors professionally in the Archdiocese of Hartford.

Samuel Ray

Core Contractor

Team member image. Samuel Ray.

Samuel Ray specializes in website and graphic design. He is currently a student at Ave Maria University where he is working toward degrees in mathematics and computer science. He has worked as a technology intern with Five Stones, NFP, as well as with Ave Maria’s marketing department. When he isn’t building websites, he enjoys reading and working on his personal programming projects.


Kasia Kalinski

Copywrite + Graphic Design

Team member image. Kasia Kalinksi.

Kasia is a student at the Franciscan University of Steubenville studying Western & World Literature and Philosophy. Her love of writing has brought her to Catholics for Hire as a copywriter and editor, and she is eager to share her design capabilities in social media and graphic design projects. When not poring over classic literature or writing papers, she loves dancing, hiking, journaling, listening to classical music, and editing her friends’ essays.

John Tuttle

Video and Podcast Editing + Copywriting

Team member image. John Tuttle.

John Tuttle has a BA in Journalism & Mass Communications and Theology from Benedictine College, where he served as the online editor of The Circuit newspaper and the prose editor of the literary arts magazine Loomings. He has worked as a teacher, freelance journalist, and video and podcast editor. Having been published in over 2 dozen Christian and secular outlets, he also has marketing and social media experience. He has been published by Catholic World Report, The Wanderer, Grotto Network, and Voyage Comics & Publishing among others.

Kat Kaderabek

Graphic Design

Team member image. Kat Kaderabek.

Kat Kaderabek is a current graduate student at The Catholic University of America where she is earning two Master’s degrees in Architecture and Net Zero Design. Driven by curiosity and a love for the written word, she wants to cultivate in-depth experiences in the fields of architecture and graphic design. Skilled at quick-thinking and problem-solving, Katherine can multi-task easily and assist in determining solutions to design problems. Her curiosity drives her to question, to seek Truth, and to understand why. Her primary skills include AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, Editing, Revit, and Creative Writing. She is also a published author of several works.

Alex Bodenscahtz

Audio/Video Editor

Team member image. Alex Bodenscahtz.

Alex Bodenscahtz is a graduate of Kent State University with a degree in Digital Media Production. He is passionate about his Catholic faith and digital media. Following two years of service as a NET Missionary he has worked in multimedia and youth ministry. Currently, Alex is works with NET Ministries (netusa.org) as the Eastern Regional Recruiter, encouraging young Catholic to follow Christ in evangelizing young people across the United States. When he is not working or volunteering, you can often find him watching or coaching soccer.

Peter Ryan

Copywriter + Video Editor

Team member image. Peter Ryan.

Peter Ryan is a beloved son of God who works as a Catholic church cantor and organist in Waterbury, CT, at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, among other parishes. He earned his Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance from Western Connecticut State University in 2019, and now works during the week as a studio producer and is employed by Catholics for Hire. He loves to spend his time creating music, bicycling, and doing puzzles with his wife and newborn son.

C.J. Williams

Social Media + Web Design

Team member image. C.J. Williams​.

C.J. Williams is a full-time freelance writer, video and print editor, videographer, and web designer. She has served as the executive editor for multiple publications, including Life Matters Journal; played videographer to human rights walks in Europe (hello, Ireland!); designed and launched websites for small businesses and nonprofits; and edited research projects and papers for the general public for MIT scientists. She likes to move between print editing and publishing to animation and screenwriting, and from marketing and web design to poetry, to keep things fresh, and is currently brushing up on her coding skills and Russian.

Matt Stefan

Graphic Design

Team member image. Matt Stefan​.

Matt graduated from Defiance College with a BA in Graphic Design after transferring from Quincy University where he studied for 3 years. Throughout college he expanded his knowledge and skill-set in design and other topics while playing soccer at the division II and III levels, respectively.

Matt holds his faith dear to him and is passionate about doing his best to use his skills in the service of Christ’s Church. He cares about craftsmanship, durability, and authenticity, and strives to create quality designs that will last.

Emily Capps

Graphic Design + Copywriting

Team member image. Emily Capps​.

Emily is a graphic designer at Catholics for Hire, and also has experience in writing, editing, social media, web design, and video editing. She received her BA in writing (minor in sacred music) from Franciscan University of Steubenville, and she writes Catholic blog articles and devotional music. She loves being able to use her creativity and skills to serve the Catholic Church and other great causes.

Wesley Beyer

Copywriting + Web Design

Team member image. Wesley Beyer​.

Wesley is a professional copywriter, working as a journalist for several years. He has a BA in Philosophy from Northern Michigan University, and is currently working as a teacher. In his free time, he enjoys learning new instruments and participating in Refuge Veritas Ministries as a prayer minister.

Patrick Frazier

Video Editing

Team member image. Patrick Frazier​.

Patrick Frazier is a Video Editor at Catholics for Hire. A resident of the Chicagoland area, he has experience in Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve, along with audio mixing in Adobe Audition and Avid Pro Tools, for which he’s an Avid Certified User. He received his BA in Communication Arts (Theatre minor) from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2022. In the free time that he occasionally finds, he enjoys reading, spending time with friends, and developing his YouTube channel.

Jaclyn Ross


Team member image. Jaclyn Ross​.

Jaclyn Ross is a Communications Specialist with deep experiences in writing and ministry. She received her Bachelors degrees in both Theology and Communication Studies at Loyola Marymount University, after which she committed to a year of post-graduate service with the De La Salle Christian Brothers. There she was placed at San Miguel High School as the Border Immersion program coordinator, where she organized week-long education programs for both US and Mexican high school students. This work focused on coordinating Federal, Humanitarian, and Indigenous organizations for the sake of educating students of the realities of the US/Mexican border. After deciding to stay in Tucson an extra year, she continued serving immigrant and refugee families by joining direct humanitarian efforts and serving as a long-term housing coordinator for families in need. She then continued on to Boston College’s School of Theology and Ministry where she received the Rev. Robert E. Manning, SJ Full Tuition Merit Scholarship for a Master of Divinity. While the reality of the COVID pandemic required her to withdraw from school, she has since been able to focus on her writing and marketing endeavors – specifically within Catholic organizations. Her very large and very happy goldendoodle Ollie has proven to be a lazy coworker as she works from home.

Cecilia Lemanowicz

Graphic Design

Team member image. Cecilia Lemanowicz​.

Cecilia graduated in June 2021 from Rowan College of South Jersey with an associates degree in Computer Graphic Arts – Interactive/Game Design. She has worked as a contractor creating social media graphics, short videos, product illustrations, e-books, and packaging labels. She is now working as a freelancer with her specialties being illustration and graphic design.

Bea Cuasay

Editing + Graphic Design

Team member image. Bea Cuasay​.

Bea Cuasay is a classical school teacher and freelance writer, editor, and graphic designer. In the past, she has interned with The Lamp Magazine and Catholic News Agency. She has also worked as a research assistant under the direction of Elizabeth Lev. In her dwindling spare time, she enjoys running, cycling, reading, singing sacred music, and searching for the perfect cup of coffee in Colorado. Bea graduated from St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame.

Mary J. Ryan

Graphic Design

Team member image. Mary J. Ryan​.

Mary is a communications artist of many mediums — from writing and website design to painting and dancing. Self-motivated and driven, she thrives on learning, creating, and making an impact. Her ultimate goal is to use multimedia storytelling to make a positive difference in the lives of others. With a master’s degree in strategic communications and public relations, she sees campaigns through from on-brand strategy to deliverables, complete with graphic design and copywriting. She also enjoys video and audio production as storytelling tools.

Emerson Sheldon

Graphic Design

Team member image. Emerson Sheldon​.

Emerson has had success in client-facing roles and understands what it takes to exceed expectations. She is driven by her morals and motivated to learn more about the world we live in by experiencing a variety of cultures.

Caitlyn Woodham

Graphic Design

Team member image. Caitlyn Woodham​.

Caitlyn specializes in graphic design. She is currently studying for her M.A. in Historical-Systematic Theology.

*Notice: Catholics for Hire is a single member LLC, owned by CEO John William Deatherage. All other people listed on this page, including leadership, consider themselves as freelancers. They do NOT represent Catholics for Hire LLC as a formal entity and are working for Catholics for Hire LLC as contractors.

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