St. Rosalia’s Trattoria

In the heart of San Diego, savor the flavors of authentic Italian cuisine from the
Lombardo immigrant family.



Enjoy a variety of appetizers, from bruschetta to arancini


Try one of our mouth watering brick oven pizzas


Satisfy your sweet tooth with a rich dessert

Why St. Rosalia?

In 2022, we were inspired to open this restaurant by this incredible patron saint of pandemics. Known as “The Little Saint”, she was a hermit and renowned for her piety. She died in a cave at the age of 36. After her remains were carried in 1624 during a procession in Palermo, the city’s plague started to end.

We were moved by St. Rosalia to remain steadfast in our faith as we faced challenges opening our trattoria during the COVID pandemic. We are so grateful we can share our faith through our love of food to San Diegans and visitors from all over the world.

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